Beyond the Usual Batteries: Smoke Detectors Work Best With Ultralife

Let’s peek inside your smoke detectors. The batteries look familiar, right? Chances are that they are ordinary 9-volt batteries. Smoke detectors, clock radios, bathroom scales—everything gets the same battery. It really shouldn’t be that way.

When it comes to batteries, smoke detector performance requires more than just “the usual” batteries. Smoke detectors quickly drain ordinary alkaline and carbon-zinc batteries. Next thing you know, the annoying chirp of a low battery alert is waking you up.

Medic Batteries and Ultralife have the battery to keep your smoke alarms running, year after year, so you can stay out of the battery store and off the ladder year after year. The Ultralife 9-volt lithium battery is engineered for long life—10 years, guaranteed—in ionization-type smoke detectors.

Ultralife batteries have proved themselves in homes and offices around the country. Customers tell Medic Batteries that they “no longer need to change smoke detector batteries every year” after switching to Ultralife. One commercial user says that, thanks to Ultralife batteries, smoke detector upkeep is no longer on his schedule every three months.

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Ultralife batteries cost a little more than ordinary batteries. That’s not surprising, because construction and performance like this doesn’t come with a bargain-basement price. Medic Batteries works hard to keep that cost low—we sell Ultralife only in discount bulk packages—and the savings add up. As a customer recently told us, “The cost is completely worth it. I’m saving so much money by not changing the batteries every year.”

Ultralife has made it a very simple choice. In the words of one Medic Batteries customer: “This is the right product for you if you’re sick of changing batteries. Smoke detector maintenance is a thing of the past. Excellent.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Ultralife 10-Year Smoke Alarm Battery Is the Best Choice Among All Batteries for Smoke Alarm Use

Like anything else in daily use, smoke detectors have a lifespan. Manufacturers say that a detector should be replaced after 10 years of service. During those 10 years, the battery typically goes dead and is replaced five to 10 times. Sometimes, it is never replaced at all—many batteries are removed the first time the “low battery” alarm sounds and then simply forgotten.

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batteries for smoke detectors, smoke alarm batteries

Why is it necessary to replace the batteries so often? Many people select ordinary alkaline or carbon-zinc batteries for smoke alarm use. Smoke alarms require constant, low-level power, and this demand quickly drains these ordinary batteries.

Dead or removed batteries pose a significant safety risk—disabled smoke detectors are a factor in many home fire injuries. Some states legally require “long-life” ionization-type detectors that are equipped with a 10-year smoke alarm battery. It makes sense—if a detector is going to be working hard for 10 years, all batteries for smoke alarm use should go the same distance.

Ultralife batteries are standard equipment in most of these long-life detectors, and they can bring the same performance to your smoke alarm. The ultralife 9-volt lithium battery is designed and guaranteed to be a 10-year smoke alarm battery in ionization-type smoke detectors. These batteries use leading-edge, UL-listed lithium technology to maximize life and ensure safety, and they are available in a plastic or weather-resistant aluminum housing.

Medic Batteries offers Ultralife 9-volt lithium in discount bulk packs, so you can easily and affordably upgrade each detector in your home or office with a 10-year smoke alarm battery. Same-day FREE shipping—puts safety and low maintenance right around the corner; the next trip up the ladder can be your last for a decade.

If you need batteries for smoke alarm use, it’s an easy decision: Replace the battery in each smoke alarm every year, or go with Ultralife, the battery designed to last the life of your alarm.

The Duracell Procell Battery Review Festival: We’re Feeling the Love

At Medic Batteries, we get one positive Duracell Procell battery review after another from professional users. Public safety officials, performing arts professionals, medical personnel, and others—the people who depend on batteries every day—just can’t say enough good things about the Duracell Procell. Frankly, we’re not surprised. These professional users have a lot riding on battery performance, and once they discover the performance, reliability, and long-term cost savings they get with Procell—not to mention how much easier it makes their jobs—it’s only natural to want to pass along the good word.

Duracell Procell battery review

What makes the Procell the right choice? Simply put, Duracell made the Procell to meet every critical need of a professional user. Built with the same outstanding Coppertop technology on the inside, they’re charged slightly higher for better performance and longer life. They’re packaged in bulk, for economy and convenience, and are date-stamped and guaranteed fresh—unlike the well-aged specimens you may find at the local store.

So is there a difference? In a word, yes. But don’t take our word for it … check out the stories of users who have posted a Duracell Procell battery review:

“I am a professional sound designer who works with wireless microphones on a daily basis. The Duracell Procells have become my go-to batteries for all of my wireless needs. These batteries discharge differently than normal AA batteries—they maintain a more linear level of power discharge rather than trailing off like normal AA batteries. This translates to a more reliable and steady performance from wireless transmitters. In Shure SLX and UHF-R systems these batteries can deliver a reliable eight hours of use, and in ideal conditions, sometimes more than 10. Because I never reuse batteries from performance to performance value is of utmost importance, and, with the volume discounts offers, I am able to minimize my costs.”

“At our church I was using a regular 9V on four of our wireless mics and was going through many batteries in a month. After switching to the Procells, I can run one battery on a wireless mic way longer than with a regular battery. This not only saved us money but saved me a lot of aggravation. I would also recommend Medic Batteries to anyone. Doing business with them is very smooth.”

“These Duracell Procell batteries are the only batteries we use at our church for all of our wireless gear. Very reliable and consistent.”

“I play in a band, and my guitars use 9v batteries for the pre-amps. I have found these to last longer than the Coppertops I purchase at the local big box store.”

“These batteries last longer than the Coppertops from the store—roughly two and a quarter times as long!”

From “As strange as it sounds, when I see the AA sized Duracell Procell batteries I have to smile. The snappy design on them (black, gold and silver) visually sets them apart from other Duracell products, but for me it means that I can pop these into my CD player and not have to worry about the power draining even if I have it on for hours at a time. Likewise, my trusty Web cam goes through batteries like crazy, unless I toss in a few of the Procells and then I’m set for at least a month, no matter how much I use it. Suffice it to say, if you want an AA-sized battery that is going to last a hell of a lot longer than anything that’s currently on the market, then Duracell Procells are the way to go.”

There it is, straight from the users who love them. We know that your personal Duracell Procell battery review will be just as positive, or we wouldn’t sell them. Go ahead and review some for yourself—Medic Batteries makes it convenient and affordable to step up to Procell performance. We’ve got Duracell Procells in discount bulk packs, carefully stored in our own warehouse. Every battery is guaranteed to be fresh, and you’ll get them fast, because we have same-day shipping for orders received during business hours.

The ZTS Battery Tester: 9V Battery Status Without the Guesswork

How do you know if you have a good, charged 9V battery? If it’s not brand new and you don’t have a battery tester, 9V battery condition is just a guess; it might be much closer to a no-volt battery. So, just to make sure, you touch it to your tongue and feel a bit of electric shock. There’s your answer . . . the battery is good, right?
battery tester 9V

Really? It’s 2010, and our most advanced testing device is the tongue? The average house has 20 battery-operated devices, and it’s really important that many of them—like your smoke detector, flashlights, and, of course, portable video game consoles—have reliable power. Your safety (or, when it comes to toys, your sanity) depends on it. The bottom line is that the tongue test—and that little power meter on some batteries—tells you nothing about battery performance in the real world.

It’s time to sort out the good from the bad in that overstuffed battery drawer. ZTS has developed a precise, affordable battery tester that tells you exactly how much performance is left in a battery. No more digging around, trying battery after battery until you find a good one—and, even then, not knowing how long it will last.

The ZTS battery tester shows the amount of battery life remaining as an easy-to-understand percentage value, and it’s an extraordinarily versatile battery tester. 9V, AA, photo—virtually any commonly used household battery can be tested. Better still, it’s an easy affair to use the ZTS battery tester. 9V batteries are tested simply by placing the top of the battery directly on the tester, without any settings or adjustments.

Medic Batteries takes pride in offering the best products for life’s power needs. The ZTS battery tester fits right into our lineup, offering a fast and reliable way to know when you’re good to go and when you might need to pick up a few packs of our discount batteries. Either way, Medic Batteries has you covered with exceptional customer service, great prices, and—we’re happy to say—a fabulous way to save your tongue.

Batteries for Smoke Detectors: The Importance of Choosing the Right Smoke Alarm Batteries

It’s the middle of the night, and your smoke detector starts beeping—not because of a fire, but because the battery is going dead. It’s called a “nuisance alarm,” and we all do the same thing: We’re not going to search for smoke alarm batteries at that hour, so we remove the battery and go back to bed.

battery tester 9V

batteries for smoke detectors, smoke alarm batteries
The new battery may not ever make its way into the detector. Batteries for smoke detectors are not a lot of fun to replace. They’re way up there on a wall or ceiling, the ladder’s out in the garage … it’s just too easy to ignore unless you do it right away.

There is a strong reason to not forget about your smoke alarm batteries. An estimated 40 percent of household smoke alarms have missing or dead batteries, and missing batteries—removed to silence a nuisance alarm—were a factor in nearly 350 residential fire deaths last year.* That trip up the ladder sounds a little more appealing now, doesn’t it?

Fortunately, Medic Batteries offers a battery that can stop nuisance alarms and preserve your safety for a decade. Ultralife lithium smoke alarm batteries last five times longer than alkaline and 10 times longer than carbon-zinc. One Ultralife 9-volt battery can keep ionization-type detectors up and running for 10 years, which is why they are original equipment in most premium, long-life smoke detectors.

With Ultralife, you’ll spend less money on batteries for smoke detectors and less time replacing them. And with Medic Batteries, upgrading every detector on you own is easy and affordable. We offer discount bulk battery packages and same-day shipping, so you’ll get the best price and be safe and secure in no time.

Medic Batteries takes batteries—and your safety—seriously. Spend a little time to check your smoke alarm batteries. If they’re old, are missing, or simply don’t say Ultralife, call us at 1-800-479-6334 and let us give you the security only Ultralife can give.

* National Fire Protection Association,

What To Do With Half Used Batteries?

Half The Juice Can Still Produce!

Many of our customers rely on wireless microphones to conduct church services or other productions. They all agree installing a fresh battery before every performance is a must because low battery power means, without warning, no sound! But changing batteries after one or two uses, while offering the performer peace of mind, frequently leaves a battery half full but out of commission, for example a 9 volt battery could have as much as 8 volts of useable power remaining.

So the questions is, are you a battery half full or a battery half empty kind of person? The latter throws out perfectly good batteries before they’re drained, which is a waste, while the former finds ways to use that power instead of tossing it. All it takes is a little thought so let’s get creative!

In critical situations - always use fresh batteries. But for less demanding events a partly drained battery still has plenty of punch!

Previously used batteries are perfect for:

  • Rehearsals
  • Small group settings
  • Toys
  • Cordless appliances
  • Donations to schools
  • Telephone handsets
  • Extra flashlights
  • Portable electronics

See how simple? Just keep your fresh batteries separate from your used ones or buy capped 9 volts so you can tell them apart (when the cap is off, the battery is used) and you can get hours of power from batteries you might otherwise have thrown out. Just remember, batteries are constantly losing juice due to heat, humidity, and the volatile chemicals inside the casing. It is a good idea to make a note on the battery itself or keep a tally sheet indicating the date the battery was installed and the hours it is used.

How to Choose the Best Battery

Wondering which replacement batteries are the Best Batteries for YOU? ASK MEDIC! We understand how to choose the Very Best Battery!

If you’re like most consumers, you are constantly hunting for replacement batteries. But when you install these replacement batteries, are they the best batteries for your application? It can be confusing, which is why a battery expert like Medic is an invaluable resource for information about replacement batteries. Because at Medic, our knowledge means power!

CHOOSING THE BEST BATTERY: When shopping for replacement batteries, consumers are faced with many options concerning which replacement batteries are the best batteries.
  • Lithium batteries are designed for high drain applications and are the best battery for quick recovery devices like a camera flash.
  • Some alkaline batteries, including the Duracell® Ultra and Energizer® e2™ Titanium can also be the best batteries for high drain applications and will last up to 50% longer than standard alkaline batteries.
  • Heavy duty batteries are the best batteries for low drain devices like wall clocks.

Determine the type of application

The two main types of devices are high drain and low drain. Some applications, like CD players, fall about in the middle. Other applications, like MP3 players, or boom boxes, are high drain and need replacement batteries more often or should use lithium, while clocks and desk alarms are low drain.

Determine the ‘use by’ date

Some replacement batteries are stored too long before they are sold. Make sure to check the ‘use by’ date on replacement batteries before buying. The freshest alkaline batteries have a date no less than 5 years away. ‘Expired’ batteries have about 85% of their original capacity and are not the best battery in critical applications.

Hundreds of brands claim to be the best battery but only Energizer, Duracell, Rayovac and Ultralife can live up to this promise.These leading manufacturers produce the most trusted, dependable, high performance alkaline and lithium batteries on the market and are the very best replacement batteries for critical applications.
To choose the best battery from these excellent brands, try each kind of replacement batteries and keep track of the life you get from each. One of these top brands is sure to be the best battery for your needs.

RECHARGEABLE BATTERIES are growing in popularity, but are they worth the investment? On the surface they seem sensible, but hidden drawbacks make them inferior to Medic’s alkaline and lithium batteries.