The Duracell Procell Battery Review Festival: We’re Feeling the Love

At Medic Batteries, we get one positive Duracell Procell battery review after another from professional users. Public safety officials, performing arts professionals, medical personnel, and others—the people who depend on batteries every day—just can’t say enough good things about the Duracell Procell. Frankly, we’re not surprised. These professional users have a lot riding on battery performance, and once they discover the performance, reliability, and long-term cost savings they get with Procell—not to mention how much easier it makes their jobs—it’s only natural to want to pass along the good word.

Duracell Procell battery review

What makes the Procell the right choice? Simply put, Duracell made the Procell to meet every critical need of a professional user. Built with the same outstanding Coppertop technology on the inside, they’re charged slightly higher for better performance and longer life. They’re packaged in bulk, for economy and convenience, and are date-stamped and guaranteed fresh—unlike the well-aged specimens you may find at the local store.

So is there a difference? In a word, yes. But don’t take our word for it … check out the stories of users who have posted a Duracell Procell battery review:

“I am a professional sound designer who works with wireless microphones on a daily basis. The Duracell Procells have become my go-to batteries for all of my wireless needs. These batteries discharge differently than normal AA batteries—they maintain a more linear level of power discharge rather than trailing off like normal AA batteries. This translates to a more reliable and steady performance from wireless transmitters. In Shure SLX and UHF-R systems these batteries can deliver a reliable eight hours of use, and in ideal conditions, sometimes more than 10. Because I never reuse batteries from performance to performance value is of utmost importance, and, with the volume discounts offers, I am able to minimize my costs.”

“At our church I was using a regular 9V on four of our wireless mics and was going through many batteries in a month. After switching to the Procells, I can run one battery on a wireless mic way longer than with a regular battery. This not only saved us money but saved me a lot of aggravation. I would also recommend Medic Batteries to anyone. Doing business with them is very smooth.”

“These Duracell Procell batteries are the only batteries we use at our church for all of our wireless gear. Very reliable and consistent.”

“I play in a band, and my guitars use 9v batteries for the pre-amps. I have found these to last longer than the Coppertops I purchase at the local big box store.”

“These batteries last longer than the Coppertops from the store—roughly two and a quarter times as long!”

From “As strange as it sounds, when I see the AA sized Duracell Procell batteries I have to smile. The snappy design on them (black, gold and silver) visually sets them apart from other Duracell products, but for me it means that I can pop these into my CD player and not have to worry about the power draining even if I have it on for hours at a time. Likewise, my trusty Web cam goes through batteries like crazy, unless I toss in a few of the Procells and then I’m set for at least a month, no matter how much I use it. Suffice it to say, if you want an AA-sized battery that is going to last a hell of a lot longer than anything that’s currently on the market, then Duracell Procells are the way to go.”

There it is, straight from the users who love them. We know that your personal Duracell Procell battery review will be just as positive, or we wouldn’t sell them. Go ahead and review some for yourself—Medic Batteries makes it convenient and affordable to step up to Procell performance. We’ve got Duracell Procells in discount bulk packs, carefully stored in our own warehouse. Every battery is guaranteed to be fresh, and you’ll get them fast, because we have same-day shipping for orders received during business hours.