The ZTS Battery Tester: 9V Battery Status Without the Guesswork

How do you know if you have a good, charged 9V battery? If it’s not brand new and you don’t have a battery tester, 9V battery condition is just a guess; it might be much closer to a no-volt battery. So, just to make sure, you touch it to your tongue and feel a bit of electric shock. There’s your answer . . . the battery is good, right?
battery tester 9V

Really? It’s 2010, and our most advanced testing device is the tongue? The average house has 20 battery-operated devices, and it’s really important that many of them—like your smoke detector, flashlights, and, of course, portable video game consoles—have reliable power. Your safety (or, when it comes to toys, your sanity) depends on it. The bottom line is that the tongue test—and that little power meter on some batteries—tells you nothing about battery performance in the real world.

It’s time to sort out the good from the bad in that overstuffed battery drawer. ZTS has developed a precise, affordable battery tester that tells you exactly how much performance is left in a battery. No more digging around, trying battery after battery until you find a good one—and, even then, not knowing how long it will last.

The ZTS battery tester shows the amount of battery life remaining as an easy-to-understand percentage value, and it’s an extraordinarily versatile battery tester. 9V, AA, photo—virtually any commonly used household battery can be tested. Better still, it’s an easy affair to use the ZTS battery tester. 9V batteries are tested simply by placing the top of the battery directly on the tester, without any settings or adjustments.

Medic Batteries takes pride in offering the best products for life’s power needs. The ZTS battery tester fits right into our lineup, offering a fast and reliable way to know when you’re good to go and when you might need to pick up a few packs of our discount batteries. Either way, Medic Batteries has you covered with exceptional customer service, great prices, and—we’re happy to say—a fabulous way to save your tongue.

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