Beyond the Usual Batteries: Smoke Detectors Work Best With Ultralife

Let’s peek inside your smoke detectors. The batteries look familiar, right? Chances are that they are ordinary 9-volt batteries. Smoke detectors, clock radios, bathroom scales—everything gets the same battery. It really shouldn’t be that way.

When it comes to batteries, smoke detector performance requires more than just “the usual” batteries. Smoke detectors quickly drain ordinary alkaline and carbon-zinc batteries. Next thing you know, the annoying chirp of a low battery alert is waking you up.

Medic Batteries and Ultralife have the battery to keep your smoke alarms running, year after year, so you can stay out of the battery store and off the ladder year after year. The Ultralife 9-volt lithium battery is engineered for long life—10 years, guaranteed—in ionization-type smoke detectors.

Ultralife batteries have proved themselves in homes and offices around the country. Customers tell Medic Batteries that they “no longer need to change smoke detector batteries every year” after switching to Ultralife. One commercial user says that, thanks to Ultralife batteries, smoke detector upkeep is no longer on his schedule every three months.

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Ultralife batteries cost a little more than ordinary batteries. That’s not surprising, because construction and performance like this doesn’t come with a bargain-basement price. Medic Batteries works hard to keep that cost low—we sell Ultralife only in discount bulk packages—and the savings add up. As a customer recently told us, “The cost is completely worth it. I’m saving so much money by not changing the batteries every year.”

Ultralife has made it a very simple choice. In the words of one Medic Batteries customer: “This is the right product for you if you’re sick of changing batteries. Smoke detector maintenance is a thing of the past. Excellent.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

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